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Business Managers, are you aware of your legal responsibility 
to know your workforce?

You need a WORKFORCE compliance platform that helps you meet all your regulatory
requirements, efficiently and at a cost that makes being compliant the easy choice.

Your Business may also have responsibilities 
for the compliance of your suppliers workforce.

You need a compliance platform that helps you meet your regulatory requirements, efficiently and at a cost that makes being compliant the easy choice.
Our Workforce Compliance platform removes all the reasons you don't currently have a fully compliant employee, contractor & supplier workforce.
Simple | Low Cost | Reduces Risk | Increases Workforce Engagement

You pay only for what you need, as you need it.
Transform your workforce to establish it as your major business asset.
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Credential & Compliance Console
A smarter way for workers to store, verify and manage their credentials, and share them with recruiters and employers.
The Best way for business to employ and maintain a compliant workforce.

Reduce the confusion | Eliminate frustration | The Right Person | The Right Job
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WorkReady.jobs :: Streamlined onboarding
Customised online processes for workers to collate and verify their credentials, so that they can be ready for their next position.
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BeMore.jobs :: Career Marketplace
A powerful collection of training and induction courses from some of Australia's best eLearning providers, delivered to workers to help them build their career.
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Certain.online :: Know your participants
A developer's API suite providing secure login and active user verification for online training and induction courses.
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The TikForce Workforce Compliance Platform.

A cost-effective digital solution to build a trusted workforce.

Reduce your process costs and build efficiency

Our cutting-edge digital technology reduces administrative load, saving back-office costs and time in building and managing your workforce.

Add control and enhance your workforce quality

Improve the quality and compliance of your workforce and ensure workers have the right skills and credentials.

Reduce your admin load and build HR engagement

Minimise duplicity of processes, and get more time to focus on the 'soft skills' of HR and workforce building.

Engage and empower your workforce

Give your workforce the insight and guidance to build their career. Provide steps and training for them to grow in your organisation.

Get the Workforce Compliance Platform designed to build a known and trusted workforce.

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A simple and effective cloud-based solution for managing workforce compliance.

Designed to establish verified identities and credentials to build certainty in your workforce.

The TikForce human capital platform is cloud based and mobile enabled. Our suite of solutions are delivered via both web based and mobile applications, enabling convenient, 24/7 access. The user interface is simple and straightforward to use. We designed our platform with collaboration in mind, our solutions can seamlessly integrate with existing systems via our API's, providing our clients with a holistic solution.

The TikForce platform is comprised of a suite of innovative solutions that establish certainty around individual identity and credentials. This certainty enables organisations to increase the security of their organisation and the efficiency of their workforce management processes. Our solutions empower individuals to make informed decisions that advance their employment opportunities. TikForce solutions enable both organisations and individuals to secure an advantage in today's economy.

Credential management

Browser app for workers to store, verify and manage their credentials.

Streamlined onboarding

A simple verification process for workers to get ready for their next position.

Identity verification

Secure identity verification service to establish a trusted online photo ID.

Workforce up-skilling

An online marketplace of training and inductions for individuals to add as credentials to their profile.

Certainty in e-learning

API suite designed to verify that your registered participants are the people completing your training and inductions.

Be certain, and gain a competitive advantage.

Be faster.

The TikForce Platform takes the load of storing, managing and monitoring credentials, meaning your organisation can process candidates and applicants faster.

Be smarter.

The TikForce Platform uses the latest technology in identity and credential verification, biometrics, data storage and app development to provide a cutting-edge online solution.

Be more secure.

The TikForce Platform captures, transmit and stores data using the highest level of security, ensuring the privacy of your workers and organisation.

Be more efficient.

The TikForce Platform streamlines your onboarding and screening process enhancing your recruitment strategy, allowing you to focus on the "soft skills" of HR and recruitment.

Gives your organisation a competitive advantage, and demonstrate the compliance of your workforce faster and with lower costs.

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