About TikForce

TikForce Limited (ASX: TKF) is an Australian Public Company that was established in 2014 and listed in April 2016.

TikForce has developed an online solution for the delivery of identity and credential verification. Our low-cost platform helps organisations and individuals to achieve compliance faster, smarter and more efficiently than before by providing and supporting identity and credential verification. This benefits employers, recruiters, workers and job applicants to become more competitive in today's digital economy.

TikForce has developed our Platform in consultation and collaboration with industry insiders and experts. Our approach is shaped by the belief that technology should be disruptive but not destructive. The components that make up the TikForce Platform are designed to be simple to use and to provide clarity to the user.

Our Team

Kevin Baum

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Kevin has over twenty five years’ experience in technology development with companies in Australia and internationally. Kevin has served as Managing Director of ASX-listed company Chrome Global and as part of the management team at OzEmail, one of Australia’s original Internet Start-Ups.

Terry Jones

Chief Operations Officer

Terry has served as Senior Executive and Non-Executive Director in public, private and startup company environments. Terry brings extensive international experience across a diverse range of industries, including: management/strategic consulting, technology, resources, manufacturing, compliance, logistics, licensing, distribution and brand management.

Michael Thorley

Chief Financial Officer

Michael is a Chartered Accountant with more than forty years in financial management, project management and corporate development. He has worked in a range of companies throughout Australia, the Phillipines and Malaysia including consulting to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. Michael is also an experienced Company Executive and Director. 

Rox Dawson

Chief Technical Officer

Rox has a formal education in information technology and is a Senior Member of the Australian Computer Society with more than 30 years experience in international organisations. Rox’s experience covers both IT and non-IT roles, within Australia and overseas, and includes management, consulting, project management, eBusiness, analysis, development, training and support.

Julian Summers

Product Manager

Julian has a wealth of experience in software design and development, business process analysis and software project management. His experience spans a wide range of information systems including civil engineering, funds management, plant construction, mine geology, internet-based primary and vocational education, and general insurance broking.

Grant Thomas

Business Development Manager

Grant has extensive experience in the HR and recruitment space. His depth of knowledge in areas of recruitment, mobilisation and demobilisation of labour and the compliance requirements that go with these processes make him ideally suited to represent TikForce to our clients. Grant compliments his industry knowledge with excellent leadership and business development abilities.

Board of Directors

Mr Duncan Anderson (Non-Executive Chairman)

Mr Kevin Baum (Managing Director)

Mr Roland Berzins (Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary)

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