Tonya Photo Recruiter
"The time it takes me to do the background checking for a potential recruit is too long."
Tonya, Recruiter 
at Ace Recruiting*

Are you spending too much time collecting the required documentation from your candidates? And are you easily able to verify these are correct?

TikForce delivers an efficient set of tools that can be easily used by both organisations and individual workers to capture, verify, and store worker credentials. We make recruiting and screening applicants easier, and can reduce recruitment mistakes. 

Turn a major risk into your best asset by ensuring you only deal with compliant workers.

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TikForce is an online workforce compliance management system.

The TikForce platform is easy-to-use, quick to implement, scalable, and an affordable way to recruit the right individuals for your business.

  • Online Identity verifications
  • Worker credentials capture and verification aligned to positions
  • Online compliance gates for screening

*Tonya is a representation of a TikForce client

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