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"I would like to win work with the large local mining company but I need to prove my team is capable."
Dan, electrician and business owner
at ABC Electrical*

Would you like to win more work and become a top supplier to large organisations?

To gain accredited supplier or preferred vendor status, your business will need to demonstrate your capabilities and compliance in a number of areas such as the quality of your workers. Can you easily prove your workers have the appropriate qualifications and credentials? TikForce can help get your workforce compliant so you can demonstrate to organisations that you are willing to take the proactive steps to align with their standards of compliance.

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TikForce is an online workforce compliance management system.

The TikForce platform delivers a streamlined and affordable way to demonstrate your workers are compliant.

  • Online worker credentials capture
  • Ongoing credential management - notifications when credentials are about to expire
  • Matching worker credentials to an organisation's position requirements
  • Photo ID cards for encrypted portable credentials
  • Delivery of an organisation's onboarding requirements

*Dan is a representation of a TikForce client

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