TikForce text

Supply chain, risk, and HR compliance in a single platform

The TikForce platform

  • Comprehensive – a real-time compliance, verification and credential management solution
  • Simple user experience – one log-in, step-by-step processes,
  • Secure cloud-based server – built on Microsoft Azure
  • Inexpensive – TikForce is more comprehensive than most enterprise compliance systems, at a fraction of the cost
  • Legal defence protection insurance – Lloyds Bank providing TikForce clients with legal defence protection insurance relating to workforce compliance and onboarding events*
  • Easy access and delivery – via an online web portal and/or Smartphone app. Can be used across multiple roles, sites, contracts.
  • Device agnostic – can be used on Smartphones Tablet, Laptop, PC, without requiring any special adaptions
  • Smart card enabled – credential verification available in mobile/cellular challenged locations

Extensive features


  • Digital identity verification:
  • Government-issued documents – driver’s licence, passport
  • Public records
  • Banking records
  • Education or institutional certification
  • Digital Australian driver’s license digital verification
  • Digital Australian and New Zealand digital passport verification
  • Real-time, 12-point biometric facial recognition and verification against government-issued identification documents
  • Digital bank account verification
  • Digital credit card verification
  • Voice and emotion recognition capabilities
  • Electronic online declaration and signature capability
  • Image comparison and tampering detection


  • Document import tool
  • Resume/CV import tool
  • Digital police check
  • Digital visa check
  • Notification of pending credential expiry

Photo ID cards

  • For online or offline verification of identity and credentials
  • Based on Real.ID identity verification
  • In-house card printing (no third party suppliers) to maintain security and efficiencies
  • Standard profile cards can include QR links to an individual’s online profile
  • Smart profile cards:
  • Encrypted RFID chips to embed credentials
  • Secured by 128-bit AES encryption and NFC technology

Training and assessments

  • Integration of online inductions, training and assessments
  • Integration and real-time updating of Verification of Competency (VOC)
  • Catalogue of online training courses and assessments
  • Online purchasing facilities for assessments and credentials
  • Personality and potential assessment capabilities

Positions requirements

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) capability for predictive role/skill/position matching
  • Creation and management of organisation or market workpools - set positions and verified workers
  • Catalogue of public TikForce positions

Organisation portal

  • Easily integrates into enterprise ERP/HRP/ATS platform via API
  • Comprehensive enterprise dashboard with analytics and reporting built-in
  • Single sign-on to TikForce platform
  • Online management of organisation workers
  • Online management of organisation positions requirements
  • Online management of digital identity cards
  • Online management of suppliers
  • Secure “Rock Solid” data transaction log
  • Incident reporting and supporting documents

* conditions apply