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"What do the recent announcements around the new enterprise workforce platform mean for the TikForce business?"
Andrew, TikForce investor*

The business model promotes growth

The TikForce solution for the enterprise vendor supply chain is an online workforce compliance platform based around position requirements, identity and credential verification for multiple layers of vendors workforce.

With supplier companies required to have their staff verified by their clients our business model includes natural and rapid growth features.

Enterprise Vendor Chain Diagram

Our Enterprise Vendor Supply Chain is a multi-tiered subscription and transaction model, and income is being generated from multiple sources in the enterprise vendor supply chain including:

  • Peak enterprises
  • Supplier businesses
  • Individual workers

TikForce estimates the platform will generate, on average, $200 per year per individual worker.

Viral growth

There is a strong element of “carrot and stick” in the enterprise vendor supply chain, whereby supplier businesses and individual workers will be required to sign up to the TikForce platform in order to commence or continue to work for a peak enterprise (the “stick”).

But the “carrot”? TikForce’s enterprise vendor supply chain platform delivers enormous growth potential for our supplier businesses as well with improved compliance, risk management and market differentiation. 

Consider this example;

  • If one Enterprise has 500 direct and sub supplier companies.
  • And the supplier companies have a combined workforce of 5,000 that need to be compliant to work at the enterprise.
  • However the supplier companies have a total combined workforce of 20,000
  • Beyond the initial 7000 workers that have to use our process there is an additional 15,000 that can reasonably be reached.
  • At $200 per user per year the above example would generate between $1,000,000 & $,3000,000 per year
Complex Marketplace of Vendors & Workers That Need To Be
Enterprise Vendor Chain Diagram

Initial enterprise and their suppliers and the workers who provide services. e.g. 5000 workers

Enterprise Vendor Chain Diagram Increase

Growing to wider supplier workforce can easily triple the return.

The opportunity for TikForce to deliver identity and credential verifications for these workers is huge. Over time, TikForce will target supplier businesses already on our platform to consider the benefits of having all of their workers verified:

  • An entirely verified workforce aligned to positions – with certificates of verifications to support capability statements
  • Ongoing credential monitoring
  • Compliance data and reporting
  • Streamlined onboarding

The sheer number of potential workers in our system will help to increase the knowledge of, and demonstrated benefits of, the TikForce platform throughout industries. And with supporting assets such as certificates of verifications, photo ID cards, and at-gate security systems, demand for inclusion or more information about the platform should increase.

However, we will also use targeted email and SMS communications directed towards existing TikForce clients to up-sell the platform’s features, and to encourage increased use of the platform.

And our Sales team will explore business development opportunities with other peak enterprises (major projects, large organisations) who can utilise the many benefits of the TikForce platform. We are essentially building compliance pools of verified workers, many of which have the potential to overlap across peak enterprises.

*Andrew is a representation of a TikForce client

Some Useful Definitions

  • Enterprise – we mean the peak organisation, the main organisation or lead company on a major project; we usually refer to this as a “peak enterprise”
  • Vendor – also called supplier, contractor, sub-contractor; we mean the suppliers to the peak organisation; we usually refer to this as a “supplier business”.
  • Supply chain – we mean a service supply chain which is a multi-tier workforce made up of direct employees, vendors, sub-contractors and multiple suppliers; we usually refer to this as an “enterprise vendor supply chain”.
  • Positions compliance - a TikForce position is a list of credentials and checks required for a specific job role – they can be generic or can be set by an industry, organisation or company as a way for an individual to pre-qualify for a workpool or market. “Positions compliance” refers to an individual’s ability to meet the requirements of a position on the TikForce platform. Compliance occurs when all required identity checks have been completed, all documents have been uploaded and verified, and any inductions or training completed.
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* These people are a representation of a TikForce client

“Pre-qualifying candidates well in advance of the selection process really is a game changer in the recruitment industry, and TikForce has delivered a very 'simple to use' system for our staff and the individual candidates.”
Craig Van HeurchTitan Recruitment Partner

Craig Van Heurck,
Recruitment Director of Titan

"After a review of the platform it became clear that TikForce's low cost and innovative model prove invaluable to both our local and international recruitment clients."
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Brian Hill,
Director of First Choice Software (APAC Division)

“Our team analysed and researched the various identification and verification platforms globally and it became apparent, early on, that the platform will enhance our reputation.”
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Peter Hatz,
Executive Director of Veridate

"It’s been a nagging criticism of the eLearning market place that employers may not be able to verify 100% who actually completed the lessons, and now Velpic can lead the industry with this innovative solution."
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Russell Francis,
Chief Executive of Velpic

"The TikRide platform will provide Zeffer with a seamless and efficient management solution, which will relieve us of an enormous manual administrative process."
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Torren Read,
Director of Zeffer

"The agreement with TikForce allows us to provide insurance at a competitive price point benefitting from the ability to reduce a number of the risks that are normally built into a standard insurance policy premium.”
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Alan Butler, 
General Manager – International Risk for Arthur J Gallagher (Perth)

"The partnership with TikForce will enable SHR to deploy more efficient HR management solutions, while helping to reduce our clients’ operating costs."
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Steve Rayner,
Chief Executive Officer for SHR

“A completely verifiable end-to-end training, testing, assessment and certification environment is now a reality.”
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Tony Carrucan, CEO - Mediasphere