Fallout from High Court decision on politicians’ dual citizenship

The politicians’ dual citizenship saga is a credentials issue - part of a background check - which if not done thoroughly can have far reaching effects.

October 31, 2017
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Fallout from High Court decision on politicians’ dual citizenship

The fallout from Friday’s High Court decision is not trivial for anyone:

  • ‍our government has lost its one seat majority
  • ‍a by-election is now needed for the NSW seat of New England (and a by-election loss delivers a minority government!!)
  • ‍Barnaby Joyce’s post-election Ministerial decisions are possibly open to legal challenge

Australia’s parliament has lost two Nationals, one One Nation, and two Greens.

And a devastated Pauline Hansen was asked if she would now overhaul One Nation’s vetting process. Her response?

 “You think they (the other parties) would have got it right, and they haven’t”.

But neither did you Pauline…

Do we think that’s good enough?

This lack of attention to the legal requirements of doing a job is common. From the highest positions in the country, to experts, and security-exposed roles, it seems that every other week we have someone else being caught for getting it wrong or simply lying.

It is generally accepted that most people lie (or at least embellish) in their resumes.

Our attitude to this needs to change and change now. Like we use to think it was okay that people drove cars drunk; no one thinks that now. We have to make sure carers who enter our homes, provide us with advice, managers who decide how things are done, trades who make things that need to work, luggage handlers need to not be terrorists. In this day and age, with digital technology and data everywhere, it is time it is used to help us, not simple to sell to us…

Companies like TikForce are using technology to empower individuals and help them get better, more worthwhile work, while also ensuring workers have the correct and required qualifications and requirements to do a job safely and legally. Ignorance is not an excuse and eventually the cost of cutting corners will bite.

Our federal ministers and the Australia people are paying for it now. Make sure you, your business or your clients are not the next to pay.

Do the RIGHT THING - contact TikForce now!

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