Inadequate airport worker security exposes the need for improved solutions to deliver the level of safety that the public expects.

Concerns expressed by the country’s airline pilots in the wake the foiled terrorism plot at Sydney airport this week should be taken very seriously.

August 10, 2017
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Sky News
Kevin Baum
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Sky News
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Inadequate airport worker security exposes the need for improved solutions to deliver the level of safety that the public expects.

The Pilots Association has warned about the possible consequences from inconsistencies in security screening of ground and air staff at our major airports, and want to know why there is no standard – and stricter – screening process in place for all staff or contractors who have access to aircraft.

The pilots’ concerns draw attention to this increasingly important aspect of workforce risk in Australia. They also raise questions about the ability of major facilities, such as our airports, to accurately verify the identity and credentials of all staff and contractors entering restricted areas, checking that they have the appropriate (and current) security clearances, and ensuring that they are regularly screened when entering such areas.

Over the past 3 years, TikForce has developed smart tools and intelligent processes to help organisations control workforce risk - through identity verification, credential validation biometric tracking and monitoring. The platform can be used to manage workforce risk in any situation, for any type of work and for any industry.

TikForce technology is designed to meet government requirements, company needs and customer expectations of safety and workforce quality.

Because it is modularised, our platform is flexible enough to tailor an appropriate solution and can be configured to solve a specific challenge, such as plugging the gaps in our airport security.

The Transport Workers Union has added its voice to the debate, saying workers without security clearance are being granted access to high-risk areas because of high staff turnover. It is also alleged that casual staff are being allowed in restricted areas without adequate training, monitoring or evaluation.

A key feature of the TikForce platform is its ability to secure entry to work sites through verified identity linked to photo ID cards and a biometric cloud database. We are working closely with market-leading security providers to deliver a streamlined, online identity verification tool that can enhance site security and reduce exposure to high risk or fraudulent activity.

In addition to collecting identity details, our platform verifies them using a range of sources, such as government-issued photo ID (like a driver's licence or passport), database comparison identity check, bank account verification and biometrics scanning. Worker credentials (such as National Police Checks, POI, PEP, and licensed trades) are then captured, stored and verified in our single-point, secure “vault”. Credential & ID can be accessed real-time, 24/7 through an organisation portal so managers (or in this case, airports) can gain instant, better knowledge of their employees and contractors.

Solving issues around airport access and security will be a major challenge without the right solution, as the landscape is littered with loopholes and pitfalls - Kevin Baum, TikForce

Take for instance the fact that presently more than 60 organisations and companies can issue aviation and maritime security identification cards. According to reports in the media this week, there are 250,000 aviation and maritime security cards issued but the regulator responsible cannot say how many workers have ceased employment and not given their cards back.

The agency concerned is starting to look to add biometrics to security cards, similar to what we are already delivering but it needs more than ID to deliver secure outcomes. It requires ongoing monitoring to be valuable in managing real-time risks.

This becomes vital when managing restricted and high-risk areas and the problems associated with them.

TikForce has the capability, technology and scalability to be part of the solution to manage workforce security challenges.

I'd love to discuss more about this issue and other issues relating to workforce risk and compliance.


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