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The TikForce platform has been specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems and processes, from online training platforms, fast and efficient applicant credential capture and management, to integrated inductions and streamlined onboarding. To further enhance the service that we deliver to our clients, TikForce has developed strategic alliances with market leading providers of complimentary services, such as online learning, verifications, psychometric assessments and technology consultants, to collectively deliver an outstanding suite of industry relevant solutions.

API & Integration

TikForce has a range of restful api's that make it easy for applications to interact with an increasing range of the TikForce platform features.
If you are interested in understanding how the TikForce platform can enhance your business applications, please contact sales@tikforce.com.


Arthur J Gallagher


Arthur J Gallagher (AJG) is the world's fourth largest insurance broking and risk management company. They have an extensive national broking network in metropolitan and regional Australian locations, providing broking solutions to a wide range of clients from small to medium enterprises through to large multi-national corporations, as well as affinity partners and associations.

TikForce have partnered with AJG to create an exclusive, comprehensive motor insurance policy for ride-share drivers.

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National Disability Practitioners


TikForce and National Disability Practitioners (NDP) entered into a corporate partnership in January 2018. NPD is a division of peak industry body, NDS, and is the leading association for disability practitioners with over 14,000 members.  

TikForce will provide disability practitioners with a credential vault to maintain all their statutory documentation, along with their verified identification and learning achievements. Initially, TikForce will be offered to all NDP members participating in the NDP-led Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. The CPD is empowering disability practitioners to collect, maintain and collate their credentials and learning achievements, and share them with their employers.

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National Disability Sector


TikForce and National Disability Services (NDS) entered into a corporate partnership in November 2017. NDS is Australia's peak body for non-government disability service organisations, currently representing 1,000 organisations.

To best support the national rollout of the NDIS, TikForce will provide NDS members with role specific, online worker screening, verification and ongoing compliance processes. The partnership between NDS and TikForce will provide disability services providers with assurance about the quality of their services and the staff working in the sector.

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My Potentia


My Potentia is the world’s most accessible and only comprehensive digital assessment tool for measuring a person’s potential, capability and trainability without the requirement of language, literacy, numeracy or any level of formal education.

The range of assessments provided by My Potentia can been included into TikForce online training and assessments.

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Medisphere is a market leading provider of e-Learning software and content development. Via their Lion LMS Platform, Mediasphere deliver customised, cloud based training solutions that allow organisations to efficiently train, monitor and manage their course participants.

The TikForce Platform delivers complimentary solutions to Mediasphere. Our affiliation allows us both to deliver complete onboarding and workforce management solutions to our clients.

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Lloyds Bank (Great Britain) offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services – including current accounts, savings, mortgages, loans, credit cards, and insurance.

TikForce have partnered with Lloyds to provide our clients with legal defence protection, related to workforce compliance and onboarding events.  

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Meritude Career Services


Meritude provides resumes and job search coaching to clients throughout Australia. We develop professional documents for job seekers, ensuring they can be read and parsed correctly through applicant tracking systems, whilst promoting the client's unique personal brand. 

The value added resume services provided by Meritude have been included in the TikForce platform and marketplace.

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Austral Risk Services


Austral Risk Services are business insurance brokers for Perth and WA-based businesses and non profit organisations. They are highly experienced insurance brokers for all insurance needs including workers' compensation, public and product liability insurance and management liability.

Austral Risk Services has partnered with TikForce to provide businesses on the TikForce platform with access to a comprehensive, compliant and lower cost insurance solution.

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CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is one of the largest health and safety contractor management groups in the UK. They are one of the founders of third party accreditation in the UK, and are an authority and trusted advisor on health and safety compliance. CHAS sets industry benchmarks, provide assurance and reassurance, and offer best-in-class services that are easy to use and cost effective.

TikForce and CHAS have entered into a reciprocal agreement to provide a full service solution for credential verification, biometric identification, company risk validation and corporate health and safety compliance. TikForce’s platform offers a fully managed, verification pre-qualification service for workers. CHAS’ platform offers a comprehensive health and safety compliance solution for companies.

Check out their website:



RecTech is a leading provider of Technology Consulting Services to Recruitment organisations across Australia and the Asia Pacific. Through their industry experience and Skop.es Platform they provide detailed analysis and advice on the best operational software for Recruitment organisations to enhance the efficiency of their business operations. Rec Tech’s experience and expertise makes them an ideal affiliate for TikForce as our Platform delivers substantial efficiency gains for organisations in Recruitment and workforce management.

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Velpic is an elegant online learning management system designed to help businesses create, distribute and monitor video based training materials. Velpic's cloud-based eLearning platform provides businesses with the tools they need to produce their own eLearning video presentations.

TikForce has partnered with Velpic to offer training videos through our Platform.

Check out their website:

Stay Smart Online


Stay Smart Online (SSO) is an initiative of the Federal Government (Dept. of Attorney General). SSO provides an online safety and security website, designed to help everyone, from business owners to consumers, to understand the risks and simple steps everyone can take to protect their personal and financial information online.  SSO provides alerts regarding security flaws and updates in popular online-driven software, such as browsers; it also produces booklets and guides to demonstrate how various user groups can remain safe against online fraud and data theft.

TikForce is committed to online security, and are excited to partner with Stay Smart Online to help promote the message of online security and safety.

Check out their website:

The Mediasphere partnership with TikForce has enabled the delivery of a world-first, in online training.

A completely verifiable end-to-end training, testing, assessment and certification environment is now a reality.

The combination solves one of the biggest challenges in digital training - Confidence that the person being credited for the test is the person who did the test.

Tony Carrucan, CEO

It is a great pleasure to be working with the TikForce team and integrating the Tik.me platform into our front-end compliance measures. Our team analysed and researched the various identification and verification platforms globally and it became apparent, early on, that the Tik.me platform will enhance our reputation as an innovative FinTech company that engages with the market leaders within their sectors.

Peter Hatz, Executive Director

We are very excited to be working with TikForce and incorporating their identity verification technology into the Velpic eLearning platform. It's been a nagging criticism of the eLearning market place that employers may not be able to verify 100% who actually completed the lesson and now Velpic can lead the industry with this innovative solution. The combination of technologies will make for a a very compelling product for businesses with high regulatory demands on their training. This is also just the first of many potential opportunities from a partnership with TikForce.

Russel Francis, CEO
Velpic Limited

We are delighted to be working with TikForce and to be integrating our services with the innovative Tik.me platform.

This agreement further validates our technology in different market segments, including the rapidly growing area of employee checks.

John Karantzis, Managing Director
iSignthis Limited

TikForce provides an innovative and efficient solution that will give us a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Partnering with TikForce will enable us to provide a superior offering to a range of our existing clients.

Praanesh Prasad, Managing Director

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