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A TikForce solution can be deployed very cheaply with cost spread across businesses and individuals. In most cases, costs will be recovered very quickly with reduced administration costs and time, and increased speed of on-boarding.

We don't have our prices listed, and here's why...

The reason we don't have our prices listed is because each TikForce solution is unique to each client.

Do you need a solution for internal employees, recruiting, external contractors and suppliers, or a combination? How many users do you have? What internal systems are you using? These and other questions need to be answered before we can give you an accurate quote for your TikForce workforce implementation.

Our solutions can spread the cost across your business and service suppliers for a highly flexible and cost effective solution. Typically solutions range from $0.30 to $0.75 per day per worker or $100 to $200 per worker per year.

Choosing TikForce doesn't just give you access to our industry-leading, workforce compliance, risk mitigation and learning management technology, it's access to our team of workforce experts, a client friendly “terms of service”, and usage-based pricing that works for small businesses right through to large enterprises. Work together with the TikForce team and technology, and start transforming to a safer, more productive and happy workforce.

For only a few dollars per worker per month we can deliver workforce compliance and certainty for on-boarding new employees or using contractors.

Contract us by phone, email or fill in the form on the right and we will work out a budget solution for your workforce quality and compliance challenges.

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