Joe Photo Safety Officer
"It is impossible for me to be sure which of the people that come on our site have completed our safety induction."
Joe, Safety Officer
at Pay Dirt Mining*

Is it your challenge to keep workers and suppliers safe on site?

Joe's solution

Governments legislate it | Customers expect it | TikForce delivers it

Have all workers on your sites completed the necessary inductions and safety checks? Do all workers on your sites have the right credentials and training for the position they are in? Is site security adequate?

TikForce is an online workforce compliance management system

The TikForce platform is easy to use, quick to implement, flexible, and an affordable means to securely manage employees, contractors, suppliers on your sites.

  • Compliance gate for rapid onboarding (including online inductions and credential checks) prior to workers getting to site
  • Worker credentials capture system
  • Identity verification, including biometric scanning, for all workers on site
  • Photo ID cards for encrypted portable credentials
  • Other assessments (e.g police checks) can be added to the system

*Joe is a representation of a TikForce client

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