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Demonstrate your job-seekers are work-ready

With comprehensive, mobile, verified online profiles

TikForce solutions for Job Active organisations

Verified online profiles for job-seekers

Organisations which provide assistance for those seeking work need to:

  • get job-seekers ready for employment
  • ensure job-seekers have everything that is needed for a role
  • build relationships with potential employers
  • identify potential employment opportunities.

TikForce's solution for Job Active organisations delivers job-seekers with a comprehensive, mobile online profile (an online resume) that showcases what they can do. The TikForce platform is online and automated, so can save consultants time in monitoring job-seeker progress, allowing for more focus on job placements and building relationships with potential employers.

The TikForce platform also provides an opportunity for job-seekers to upskill themselves by delivering self-paced online training and assessments, ensuring they continue to build their online profiles.

Build an online profile

An online profile in the TikForce platform is like a digital passport which can be used throughout an individual's work journey. Credentials and other work-related documents are uploaded into the platform, and can be easily retrieved at any time for sharing with employers and recruiters, which reduces document duplication.

Credentials can also be verified* to be accurate and current, and monitored for expiration. Recruiters and employers can receive a certificate of verification for the credentials in the online profile.

How? Individuals create a free online profile in TikForce's single-point, secure "vault" (visit the Tik.me website) which contains personal, work and training details and copies of any uploaded credentials.

*Charges may apply

Apply for a police check

Some roles or positions require a criminal record check. TikForce has developed a straightforward and simple way for job-seekers to obtain a national police check online which, once completed, is added as a credential to their online profile.

How? Partnering with ACIC, individuals can receive a National Police Check report in minutes* once they have completed our simple online process.

*The ACIC Police Check process can be completed for most users in less than 1 hour. Some checks may require extra information to be provided to ACIC, or checks may require extra time to be completed. Please note: completion of process or time frames stated cannot be guaranteed by TikForce, as status and speed are determined by external vendors. We will endeavour to be as communicative as possible regarding the status of every police check, depending on the information provided to us by the external vendors.

Each job-seeker receives a photo ID card with listed credentials

A TikForce photo ID card is a digitally verified ID which provides a link (via QR code) to an individual’s online profile.

How? TikForce photo ID cards are secured by our identity verification process. We use bank account verification and facial recognition to verify an individual’s identity. Once the identity is established, we produce each ID card in-house (without using third party suppliers, for better security and efficiency).

Continue to up-skill

TikForce has a catalogue of over 1500 online cognitive, personality, and skills assessments, training and inductions that can help individuals up-skill or pre-qualify for an organisation's positions. In the TikForce online training marketplace, individuals can easily view what skills and credentials are required for certain positions, in order to be considered by an organisation.

And, any new credentials you gain are automatically added to their online profile.

Here's some of the assessments in the TikForce platform:

  • police checks
  • English language competency
  • typing / data entry
  • safety attitudes
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* These people are a representation of a TikForce client

“Pre-qualifying candidates well in advance of the selection process really is a game changer in the recruitment industry, and TikForce has delivered a very 'simple to use' system for our staff and the individual candidates.”
Craig Van HeurchTitan Recruitment Partner

Craig Van Heurck,
Recruitment Director of Titan

"After a review of the platform it became clear that TikForce's low cost and innovative model prove invaluable to both our local and international recruitment clients."
Access Logo

Brian Hill,
Director of First Choice Software (APAC Division)

“Our team analysed and researched the various identification and verification platforms globally and it became apparent, early on, that the Tik.me platform will enhance our reputation.”
Peter HatzVeridate financial logo

Peter Hatz,
Executive Director of Veridate

"It’s been a nagging criticism of the eLearning market place that employers may not be able to verify 100% who actually completed the lessons, and now Velpic can lead the industry with this innovative solution."
Russell Francis PhotoVelpic Logo

Russell Francis,
Chief Executive of Velpic

"The TikRide platform will provide Zeffer with a seamless and efficient management solution, which will relieve us of an enormous manual administrative process."
Zeffer Logo

Torren Read,
Director of Zeffer

"The agreement with TikForce allows us to provide insurance at a competitive price point benefitting from the ability to reduce a number of the risks that are normally built into a standard insurance policy premium.”
Arthur J. Gallagher Logo

Alan Butler, 
General Manager – International Risk for Arthur J Gallagher (Perth)

"The partnership with TikForce will enable SHR to deploy more efficient HR management solutions, while helping to reduce our clients’ operating costs."
Steven Rayner PhotoSHR Logo

Steve Rayner,
Chief Executive Officer for SHR

“A completely verifiable end-to-end training, testing, assessment and certification environment is now a reality.”
Media sphere logo

Tony Carrucan, CEO - Mediasphere