Natasha Photo Procurement
"Surely, if we can demonstrate that we use a
stringent workforce compliance platform, our insurance premiums should reduce"
Natasha, Procurement for Pay Dirt Mining*

What the TikForce platform delivers

Businesses that have a detailed understanding of the key risk exposures their organisation face, and are able to demonstrate a plan for the management of these risk, should see real benefits such as lower insurance costs and improved reputation in the market place.

Positions - for management - a step-by-step pre-requisite process to align individual workers with specific position requirements, all before starting to work for an organisation. For fast onboarding, easy recruitment and comprehensive management of large workforces.

Insurance solution for suppliers and contractors

Natasha is the Procurement Manager for Pay Dirt Mining. In managing supplier and contracting services, she is constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

She would like a workforce management solution to effectively onboard workers, which delivers significant cost reduction opportunities, and potential insurance premium reductions.

*Natasha is a representation of a TikForce client

Insurance providers which recognise TikForce as a risk mitigation tool:


Austral Risk Services has partnered with TikForce to provide businesses on the TikForce platform with access to a comprehensive and compliant insurance solution.

Once signed up to the TikForce platform, talk to Austral Risk Services about a lower cost insurance solution for:

  • Workers compensation
  • Third party liability
  • Professional indemnity (including incidental professional services)

Austral Risk Services removes laborious and costly contract amendment discussions, and provides an easy and uncomplicated access to one of the widest wordings in the Australian market.

Your Austral Risk Service contact is:
Alan Butler, 0423 467 228
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Client representation photo Jordy
Jordy, Boilermaker*
"I need a police check for the job I am applying for."

Jordy has finished his apprenticeship as a boilermaker and is now looking for more opportunities to earn money fast. He would like a full time job but would consider FIFO or short term contract and shut down work if it meant higher pays. Each time he applies for a job, attends an interview, or goes to site, he needs to take copies of his boilermaker qualifications and tickets such as his working at heights and working in confined spaces licences. He also often needs to prove he’s fit to work with a police check and regular drug/alcohol testing.

*Jordy is a representation of a TikForce client