Tonya Photo Recruiter
"My job can be very labour intensive. It can take a long time to do the background checking for a potential recruit and I read a lot of applications that don't meet the requirement for the job."
Tonya, Recruiter at Ace Recruiting*

What the TikForce platform delivers

Recruiters need to ensure that candidates they recommend for evaluation are competent and have met the minimum position requirements.

Used in the candidate attraction workflow, TikForce can significantly reduce the volume of candidates needing to be screened, by automatically filtering out those that aren’t qualified for the advertised role. This will save time and money to re-allocate to higher pay-off tasks such as increasing order fill ratios and speed to market.

Positions - for management - a step-by-step pre-requisite process to align individual workers with specific position requirements, all before starting to work for an organisation. For fast onboarding, easy recruitment and comprehensive management of large workforces.

TikForce solution for recruiters

Tonya works at Ace Recruiting. She is responsible for finding quality candidates for her clients, whatever their needs. Tonya is seeking an online workforce compliance solution so she can reduce the administration hours spent screening and monitoring potential workers.

She needs:

*Tonya is a representation of a TikForce client
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Client representation photo Jordy
Jordy, Boilermaker*
"I need a police check for the job I am applying for."

Jordy has finished his apprenticeship as a boilermaker and is now looking for more opportunities to earn money fast. He would like a full time job but would consider FIFO or short term contract and shut down work if it meant higher pays. Each time he applies for a job, attends an interview, or goes to site, he needs to take copies of his boilermaker qualifications and tickets such as his working at heights and working in confined spaces licences. He also often needs to prove he’s fit to work with a police check and regular drug/alcohol testing.

*Jordy is a representation of a TikForce client