Billy Photo Billy
"We are now going to be breathalysed every day before entering site!! My mates think it will be a pain, but I feel comfortable that we are serious about our site safety."
Billy, worker for Pay Dirt Mining*

What the TikForce platform delivers

TikForce delivers a solution to ensure all members of a workforce (employees, contractors, suppliers) can be verified, and screening, safety, and security checks can be easily conducted.

Once signed up to the TikForce platform, individuals gain a personal account , which can be used for throughout their entire career.

At-gate breath testing system - for workers -Integrated alcohol and drug testing at-gate, linked to verified identity, to provide certainty for zero tolerance sites.

TikForce solution for individuals

Billy works for Pay Dirt Mining. With a young family at home, he is more than happy to comply with new safety and security procedures…anything that makes his work
environment safer.

*Billy is a representation of a TikForce client
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Client representation photo Jordy
Jordy, Boilermaker*
"I need a police check for the job I am applying for."

Jordy has finished his apprenticeship as a boilermaker and is now looking for more opportunities to earn money fast. He would like a full time job but would consider FIFO or short term contract and shut down work if it meant higher pays. Each time he applies for a job, attends an interview, or goes to site, he needs to take copies of his boilermaker qualifications and tickets such as his working at heights and working in confined spaces licences. He also often needs to prove he’s fit to work with a police check and regular drug/alcohol testing.

*Jordy is a representation of a TikForce client